Students: They’re Not The Future Of The Church

this past sunday was such a fun day at lakeshore as it affirmed a truth i have been driving at for a long time now. i truly believe to my toes that students are not the future of the church. it drives me crazy when people say things like that.  they are the church of today and they add more to a church’s worship experience than most think.
here’s a picture of jessi painting live on stage in the main services this past sunday.  i was preaching on how we need to depend on God in prayer, rather than relying on ourselves.  she started the painting with a rock climber hanging onto a frayed rope… and as the sermon went along that rope morphed into a giant hand reaching out to her from above.  for many, i know the point was driven home not by the words spoken but by the image created.

jessi painting

jessi is a senior in our student ministry and is planning to pursue a career in art / design.  i am so excited for the work with her name on it that God has placed in front of her!






More Space For Our Students

it made my heart really happy to see so many students at church today for easter, and definitely that we had enough space for them all. this whole past year we had them crammed in the youth rooms (not designed for services) until the sound treatment of our gymnasium/multi-purpose room could get to an adequate level. the big crowd easter brings was the catalyst to really get the job done, and i’m so thankful for the resources, finances, and people that made it all happen.  there’s definitely still some more treatment to go, but phase 1 allows us to hear the spoken word without straining!

here’s a couple shots of the service this morning. i ripped them off facebook, so the quality isn’t great. plus it looks really dark due to the ambience/mood we’re trying to create so that the now “huge” space feels not quite so big.

it was super fun having my youth leader, mentor, and great friend todd bush preach again, and it was also fun to see both music teams join together for one big “all-student” band leading worship.

easter… the day that changed everything for me!

3 Sentences That Give Students Hope

many of our students that know me well know that there are a few lines i repeat a lot. to them it may sound old and they probably feel like i need some new material.  and i probably do…

but there’s at least one line worth repeating, because it gives hope to hurting students. it was told to me many times in my teenage years by people close to me and it gave me hope to push through the crap i had created in my life.

just the other day i got to dish out this favorite of mine, and i trust that it gave hope to this student in their moment of hurt:

“i just want you to know, i don’t think any less of you now that you’ve shared that. in fact, i think more highly of you now because of your honesty and courage. i’m not going anywhere.”

obviously it’s not the words itself that give hope, but the actions and follow through afterwards… but nonetheless it feels pretty powerful. are there other lines that you’ve used to give hope to hurting people in your world?