Tough Choices

a few years ago, as a church staff, we read Carly Fiorina‘s book, Tough Choices. this morning i was reminded of the themes she touches on in this memoir, and it is still so challenging and helpful. it was fun to pick it up and flip through the book today.


here’s a few (of many) quotes i had underlined back when i read it the first time:

There are some people who would argue that a manager’s job is to use fear to motivate people, but I believe a leader’s job is to help people overcome their fear.


Never threaten if you’re not prepared to follow through. Never threaten if reason can prevail, but if you must, threaten something that really matters and stick to it.


Once change is advanced, retreat is fatal. Sometimes you just have to burn the boats.


A leader’s job is to set the frame so that the people a leader serves can do the right jobs in the right way to the best of their abilities. A leader’s job is to build lasting capability into the organization he or she serves.


There is always something to laugh about, even in the most difficult of times. It’s especially important to find the humor in the tough times because laughter helps people manage stress.


Responsible directors and reasonable people do not reverse in a few days a decision that has taken nine months to reach.


Values are signposts to guide people’s behavior when the rules aren’t clear and the supervisor isn’t present.


Not everything is easy, and not everything happens right away. Not everything happens exactly as you think it will, but when people work together, focused on a common goal and inspired by a worthy purpose, then truly everything is possible.

Get the book for yourself here!


3 Confessions Of A Secure Leader

i heard it said once that everyone (you and me included) are all desperately insecure.

no matter how put together we appear on the outside, we all have insecurities that can trigger defensiveness from time to time.  as leaders, these insecurities have colossal implications when left unaddressed.  they will hold us, those we lead, and the entire organization back further than we may realize.
i recently heard the following quotes and liked them so much that they are posted on my office door.  they are helpful to confess from time to time to keep us on point towards what is true.

3 Leadership Confessions

if you want to grab this for yourself, you can do so here:  3 Leadership Confessions