Random Life Updates

life has been very full these days, and as a result, my blogging time has been empty.  here’s a few random updates – 2 are big, and 1 is just fun to me.

baby number two is about to debut

any day now we should be racing to the hospital to welcome our little man into the world.  we are so thankful for this gift from God. i don’t know where you’re at or what you believe, but after seeing one new life come into the world, i don’t know how you can get to a place where you don’t believe in an intelligent designer who intentionally crafts and creates each of us. (but that’s for a different post)  i’m so excited to see who this little boy becomes and how God will use him to shape shanna, adelina, and myself.
when will it be??? who knows… God continues to teach me that i should give up trying to plan.  shanna does want this baby out though, that’s for sure!

ministry is all about transitions right now

this past fall lakeshore announced that we’re looking for a new youth pastor to replace me. i’ll be transitioning to the discipleship pastor role on staff once the hire is made to oversee our small group ministry and other discipleship/assimilation strategies.  i’m very excited about the move and i truly feel God’s call in that direction, although i hope i’ll always be a youth pastor at heart. i hope to never stop being a champion for students and hold to the belief that they are not the church of the future but the church of today.

Job Opening Graphic jpg

it has been so fun watching God build the team at lakeshore over the last 6 months, and i’m beyond excited to see who he puts in place in this position.  i’m looking forward to really being able to build into and do life with the next guy.  we are hoping and praying to have him in place by easter.
goodbye moleskine, hello ecosystem 
i love paper journals, but not just any. with these in particular i’m pretty picky. for the last few years i’ve been using moleskine. i love the simple design, their durability, the pocket in the back, and the enclosure strap.  but i’ve been using evernote more and more to try to go more paperless and save more notes electronically in the cloud.  moleskine doesn’t have any journals with perforated pages, which would be really nice for the journal notes that i want to make sure gets scanned and entered into evernote.  i totally drank michael hyatt’s koolaide on this, and am now using the ecosystem journals.  they have all the same features of the moleskines, but with perforated pages.  if you use evernote or want to have the freedom to tear out some of your journal pages, you should check them out!

Lakeshore Reaches Out To Teen Moms

i’ve said before that i feel pretty good about the ministry of lakeshore community church and all that God is doing here. but one of the coolest things going on right now is a ministry called “New Life”.  it’s been in place and fine-tuning for over 2 years now, and provides a safe environment for teen moms.  many ministries in churches plan to reach out to people… this ministry actually is.

as christians, it’s never hard to know where we stand on abortion, but how much do we do to actually help girls who decide to carry their baby to term? are we committed to getting our hands dirty in radical ways, investing significant portions of our heart, and loving on people right where they’re at?

this ministry is… and i love watching it unfold. if you’re a teen mom, or soon to be, or know someone who is – tell them about New Life!  you can message me for more info, or contact the church office at 585-392-5253 or email info@lakeshorechurch.org.

Thoughts From 35 Weeks

shanna’s pregnancy just crossed the 35 week threshold and i think to both of us it’s really starting to feel more real everyday. i know when the baby’s actually here and crying at the top of her lungs i’ll probably laugh at that statement, like… “you thought that was real – ha!”.  but we were talking the other day and the hospital says that most likely if she starts to go into labor at 36 they won’t try to stop it. yikes!

here’s a few random thoughts kicking around in my head about it all:

1. the whole process is FASCINATING! to think that this all just happens on it’s own after some “cosmic sneeze” in outer space billions of years ago… well, i guess i just don’t have the “faith” to believe that one. this whole deal in and of itself gives evidence for an intelligent designer, and gives great peace to the unknown in the future.

2. i’ve been noticing more EMOTIONS within me. (i’ve noticed more emotions in Shanna as well, but that’s not what this post is about!) //for the record, she’s done GREAT through it all!// i expected these emotions in me and was warned of it, but it all seems to converge at the same time, which is interesting. tons of excitement, lots of fear, loads of gratefulness, more fear, etc.

3. i feel more RESOLVE to truly put family first. i love what doug fields said at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference this year: “i really don’t care if you’re successful in ministry if you’re not successful with your family”. it’s a struggle for every parent, but those in ministry have some unique challenges to overcome, and i’m sensing, in a really good way, more personal resolve in that arena.

4. there are some things in life you just can’t PLAN for. i’m a planner, and i like things scheduled and calculated. but when this baby decides to “bust a move” (as some friends say) it’s really got nothing to do with my calendar or plans. i’ve been uncovering every rock possible for hints about the when, but God is just gently saying “chill out and relax”!

5. FULL MOONS & abnormal weather patterns may help me plan though. i certainly don’t believe everything i hear, but they were talking about this in our childbirth class this week.  a few weeks ago on march 19th you couldn’t miss the “supermoon” in the sky, and the hospital was talking about how that very night every maternity ward in rochester was packed! they even went on to say that some hospitals in the carolinas actually over staff these departments during hurricane watches.  there probably is some scientific reason that someone way smarter than me could explain… but for now – i’m watching the weather!