Porta A Potty – Photo In Need Of A Caption

with all the hype surrounding hurricane irene, it was definitely a relief to hear that the damage and loss was less than projected. still some hard times for many people for sure…

as i was flipping through some of the images on one of the news sites, i saw this picture and it made me chuckle.  let’s make a contest out of it (this is one of my favorite ways to open our student services, btw.)  submit your funniest captions in the comments below.  i’ll select a winner based solely on how i interpret your sense of humor, and i’ll send you a roll of toilet paper as a prize!

let the fun begin!



some funny stuff – but i gotta give the winning entry to Andy Mitchell! the guy is totally on the hunt for something important before doing his business!

Where’s my copy of Bathroom Reader? This is gonna take a while.

Andy – one roll of Scott toilet paper is coming your way! 🙂