Adelina Turns 1 Today

it’s amazing how fast the last 12 months have gone, and we’re so grateful for the fantastic people in our world who have shared it with us! happy birthday, adelina!


Know Your Meme & Story Time Jesus

we recently had a few guys from my 10th/11th grade small group over to hang out and they introduced me to know your meme. according to the site, they are “a website dedicated to documenting internet phenomena: viral videos, image macros, catchphrases, web celebs, and more.”  the guys in my small group say it’s a way for me to at least attempt to stay current and relevant in today’s culture that’s changing literally overnight.

one of these guys, who happens to be a great friend of mine, and starting a band called static speed, forwarded these images to me that he found on the site. i realize that not every church will find the humor in them, but if it can lighten the mood in the middle of your talk and help people connect (without getting you fired), use em!

Random Phone Photos

this cricket made the fatal mistake of sneaking in our house late at night a few weeks ago. they are so loud when they're inside. until you step on em, that is.

earlier in the summer we did a few “txt events”… random spur of the moment events where we sent out a txt to all our students and hung out together.this was one txt event where we pretty much took over the whole restaurant. five guys burgers and fries. we even had a bunch of parents come join us which gave it a nice family-friendly feel.

earlier this week we got to take a quick trip to the adirondacks with my family. shanna, adi, and my mom made it half way up. my dad, my brother and i made it up to the top!

she looks BIG here!

Why I Haven’t Been Blogging Much

i admire people who can put up blog posts everyday. and someday maybe i’ll get there. but lately i just haven’t had time because of this little girl…

More Space For Our Students

it made my heart really happy to see so many students at church today for easter, and definitely that we had enough space for them all. this whole past year we had them crammed in the youth rooms (not designed for services) until the sound treatment of our gymnasium/multi-purpose room could get to an adequate level. the big crowd easter brings was the catalyst to really get the job done, and i’m so thankful for the resources, finances, and people that made it all happen.  there’s definitely still some more treatment to go, but phase 1 allows us to hear the spoken word without straining!

here’s a couple shots of the service this morning. i ripped them off facebook, so the quality isn’t great. plus it looks really dark due to the ambience/mood we’re trying to create so that the now “huge” space feels not quite so big.

it was super fun having my youth leader, mentor, and great friend todd bush preach again, and it was also fun to see both music teams join together for one big “all-student” band leading worship.

easter… the day that changed everything for me!