Discipline Demonstrates Love

i felt this article on discipline (disciplining your kids) was especially helpful. here’s a portion of it; head here for the rest!

At some level, most parents fear the possibility that using discipline with their kids might drive them away. Yet the reality is that discipline is needed, and (for most kids) it works.

Many kids aren’t mature enough to realize that if their parents don’t ground them; if they don’t attach consequences to actions that are outside the established boundaries, their parents are not acting in love toward them.

Healthy discipline is a sign that parents love their children. Let’s think about God for a moment. The Scriptures tell us that He disciplines us because He loves us: “My child, don’t reject the Lord’s discipline, and don’t be upset when he corrects you. For the Lord corrects those he loves, just as a father corrects a child in whom he delights.” –Proverbs 3:11-12 (NLT) This passage in Proverbs ties God’s discipline to the human discipline a parent provides to his or her child, and this is how we know that discipline (provided in a healthy way) is a demonstration of love.

I believe the healthiest and most effective way to discipline teenagers is to set up consequences for violating boundaries ahead of time. When consequences are set ahead of time, you set up the dynamic where it’s not you versus your child, but rather you and your child versus the consequences. continue reading…


Books I’m (Still) in the Middle of Right Now

if i finished every book that i started i’d probably be a lot smarter. i am an expert at starting books… finishing them is a different story.  here are my top 3 books that i am still a long ways from finishing, but totally digging right now.


the next christians | seven ways you can live the gospel and restore the worldnext-christians2

by gabe lyons

this book covers how we can be…

  1. provoked, not offended
  2. creators, not critics
  3. called, not employed
  4. grounded, not distracted
  5. in community, not alone
  6. civil, not divisive
  7. countercultural, not relevant


strong fathers strong daughters | 10 secrets every father should knowstrong-fathers-strong-daughters

by meg meeker

such a good book. absolute must read for every dad of daughters, regardless of the age. i’m so thankful i was pointed to this book, and i feel like it’s going to be one on my shelf that i continually re-read. (but for now i’m just trying to get through it for the first time… slow down, cory)



20 and something | have the time of your life (and figure it all out too) 20 and something

by david kim (part of the barna group’s FRAMES)

this book has been FILLED with a ton of insight on today’s twentysomethings and the opportunities in front of the church as we seek to love on and minister to millennials.

Parenting Advice From A Gum Wrapper

have you seen this?  there’s so much about this short commercial that i love…