Lakeshore’s First “Sent-Out” Missionary is in the Air

another great friend and ministry partner left our comfortable, suburban bubble this morning to serve the poor.  for me, today is a day filled with a number of different emotions.  we are obviously thrilled and excited, knowing the huge win this is for the kingdom of God and the work that He is doing around the world.  at the same, there are emotions of sadness and loss as we will miss his presence and influence here in our own “jerusalem”.

dan robillard accepted Christ a few years ago at lakeshore – he can tell you the exact spot he was sitting at in the auditorium when he made that decision.  before long, he jumped on serving teams and used his gifts, time, and resources to make a difference in our community.  while i am the “face” of our student ministry, for the last 5 years he has been the guy behind the scenes that consistently gets the work done, and i can’t remember a time when he wasn’t serving our students with a contagious amount of joy and humility.


right now, as i write this, he’s in nyc awaiting the big flight over the atlantic to johannesburg, south africa, and eventually on to dondo, mozambique.  when we briefly met yesterday, he told me that the only clothes he was bringing for himself fit in one carry-on.  the other two 50-lb. bags were filled with supplies to use and give away.  this is how this man lives.  he thinks so little of himself, and always of others.  i love it that lakeshore’s first “sent-out” missionary is of this caliber.

today might be a good day to consider your role in supporting dan’s ministry on an on-going basis.  shanna and i are personally part of his support team, and we welcome you to join us.   there are many great works around the world to invest in, and i want you to know that i believe in this one at the core of my being.

head over here to find out more.


Feed My Starving Children Infographic

i love my church.  we’re passionate about making the truth of Jesus relevant and understandable to people far from God, and every day we’re seeking new ways to meet the needs of people both here in the states, and around the world.

this past weekend we did an event with the good folks at feed my starving children. you can see some pictures of the event over at lakeshore’s facebook page. even adelina participated!


shanna made this infographic to highlight some of the exciting things. check it out!


People Need Hope

there’s no doubt the last month or so has found me leading a faster and busier pace than i usually like to maintain. most of it i really think is seasonal; easter is our church‘s biggest day of the year, and all ministries right now are running full throttle to put our best out there for the community. what’s really cool is that many in our church are even spending 24 hour periods fasting and praying for what God will do on april 8th, and some neat stories have been coming out of even just that!

i spent some time last week driving through many of the neighborhoods near our church, begging God in those moments to invade the lives of the people and families near us. and my heart broke anew for those far from God. i think it’s easy for those of us in suburban america to mask our brokenness. behind our big houses, fancy cars, and comfortable lifestyles, insecurity and relational instability spreads like cancer. we all know we can’t maintain this image forever, and this frantic pace is gonna kill us. while it may look good on the outside, our families are a mess and our personal lives are wrecked. so many in our community need hope.

i heard a friend recently say this:

the only thing we CAN’T do in heaven that we CAN do here is reach people far from God.

so simple. so profound. and so true.

and that’s why easter matters this year. that’s why it’s important that we pray and take action by inviting those around us.

i can’t wait to see the devil take a big punch right to the face this year, on good friday and easter! will you join me?

Lakeshore Reaches Out To Teen Moms

i’ve said before that i feel pretty good about the ministry of lakeshore community church and all that God is doing here. but one of the coolest things going on right now is a ministry called “New Life”.  it’s been in place and fine-tuning for over 2 years now, and provides a safe environment for teen moms.  many ministries in churches plan to reach out to people… this ministry actually is.

as christians, it’s never hard to know where we stand on abortion, but how much do we do to actually help girls who decide to carry their baby to term? are we committed to getting our hands dirty in radical ways, investing significant portions of our heart, and loving on people right where they’re at?

this ministry is… and i love watching it unfold. if you’re a teen mom, or soon to be, or know someone who is – tell them about New Life!  you can message me for more info, or contact the church office at 585-392-5253 or email

Shanna Is Now Lakeshore’s Graphic Designer

i’m very proud of my wife shanna and excited to announce that she’s just a few weeks into her new job as lakeshore‘s graphic designer!  to meet the growing graphic demands on both the print and web side of things, the church just created the part time position (about 10 hours/week), and we’re stoked.  most of my teaching series and promo pieces for the last 6 years have been worked up by her, but it’s super cool that the rest of the church will now be able to tap into her talent as well!

this isn't a picture of her. it's some random person on google. and the back of shanna's head is way prettier, btw. 🙂

the really cool part about it all is that the position is setup so most of the 10 hours are spent working from home. right now we have it set up that every morning from 7-9am i get to spend with adelina while shanna works. i’m loving the time with her. we chase the dog around the house, perform random science experiments together (mixing green beans w/ sweet potatoes), and make a ton of noise. AND we watch good morning america! on evenings when we’re home together, wheel of fortune is on too, which makes me feel like an old man.

anyways – way to go shanna!!!

Lakeshore Sends A 3rd Team To Mozambique

it’s so exciting to know that right now as i type this there’s 7 adults from lakeshore being the arms and legs of Jesus over in mozambique.  they are serving with the great people over at CRI, and it’s exciting to hear their stories and know that God is doing some life-altering things in them right now! the last 2 summers shanna and i have been able to go, and it has totally changed our perspective on God, food, healthcare, orphans & widows, complaining, and simply living in suburban america in general.

here’s 3 big reasons i’m so excited:

1. this team is ALL adults! the connect with mozambique began in a search for the best possible location for our student mission trips, and it’s exciting to see the love for the people and church of mozambique embraced by our whole community.

2. the team has a great leader. dan has gone on the last 2 trips with us, and i don’t know anyone in our church with a bigger heart and passion for the work there than him. he’s amazed me with his leadership, courage, and perseverance over the last year leading up to this trip.

3. the team is interacting with our sponsored kids face to face. our student ministry supports three individual kids in the child sponsorship program right there in the very project we’re partnering with in dondo, mozambique. i love it that they get to return with pictures and stories and interactions with our very own kids.



Adelina’s Dedication (& A Few Other Pics)

last week we were able to bring the baby up on stage at lakeshore and dedicate her with a few other couples. for us and our church, a baby dedication has little to do with the baby (directly) but more for the parents. it was an opportunity for us to stand up in front of our church and declare our desire to teach and model the ways of Jesus, as well as our desire for the church’s help in that process.  here’s a picture of adelina with pastor vince and one other from the dedication. i also threw a few other random pics in there just for free 🙂

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