Tired of Playing the Stupid Ninja Game At Youth Group?

for those of us in student ministry, games are part of the gig. there are messy games, embarrassing games, up front games, crowd-mixing games, and quite frankly – other games that just shouldn’t be played!
here’s a super-fun game that our teens love right now. we actually have to be careful not to play it TOO much… or else they probably won’t love it anymore! i think i originally found it over at youthleaderstash, so head over there for more great ideas!



  • all you need is a ball of some sort (dodgeball, volleyball, etc.) and at least 4 or 5 people. the more the merrier.
  • get everyone in a circle.
  • at first the game is played like volleyball – someone throws the ball into the air and volleys the ball 3 times (between 3 different people).
  • after the ball is bounced around the circle for the third time, someone catches the ball and the game instantly turns into dodgeball. at this point, regular dodgeball rules take over. the person who caught the ball cannot move, but everyone else can run away.
  • the person with the ball quickly throws it at the nearest person – if it hits them, they’re out, and play restarts with everyone else. ┬ábut if the person throws the ball and it is caught, the thrower is out.
  • the ball is dead when it hits the ground. keep playing until one player remains!
try it out this week and let me know how it goes!