Never Stop Being A Youth Worker

there’s a certain level of excitement and energy that i (and so many others) find with working with teens in a church. and it seems that for whatever reason we tend to think and operate very differently than other ministries and people. however, from time to time God calls certain youth workers to serve Him in other areas.  the cool thing is that you don’t have to stop being a youth worker, even if your calling changes. just today i interacted with a former youth worker and his heart and passion for teens hasn’t gone anywhere… it was so refreshing.
josh griffin blogged about this recently. it was such a great post, i put the entire thing below. enjoy!
For a long time in our shared calling we’ve made a big deal about being a “youth ministry lifer” – someone who does youth ministry until they’re super old. There certainly was good reason for that when the average stay of a youth worker in a church was less than a year and people recklessly used the position as a stepping stone to become a real pastor.
But here’s what I started thinking this morning: we need more youth workers in other parts of the church, too. We need more youth workers to become senior pastors. We need more leaders of businesses, organizations and non-profits to think like and care like youth workers. Why do we guilt people into staying when God is calling them on? Maybe it is a good thing that many don’t stay in youth ministry their whole life – I just want them to still think, serve and love like a youth pastor when they move on.
I’m not planning on going anywhere – so you’re hearing this from the heart of a youth ministry lifer: if you’re dropping out of youth ministry, always be a youth pastor, even if you’re title changes a little bit.

Footprints In The Sand Parody

i grew up with the “footprints in the sand” poem on the walls of our home and on coffee mugs everywhere. this video parody i found over at made me laugh out loud really really hard. definitely gotta use this sometime soon…