You Own The Sunday

this past sunday we started a new 4-week series in our student services called “You Own The Sunday”. like so many ideas we try, it was taken from someone else in a different context (josh griffin’s, to be exact) and tweaked to try to fit ours. the series isn’t done yet, so i can’t say yet whether or not it has truly transferred successfully, but there’s been enough “wins” already to think so. there’s a good chance we’ll be doing it every year.

here’s how it works:

our students are given 4 weeks to “own” all elements of the service – from the greeting at the door, to the tech and video elements, right down to the preaching. the goal is to not have a single adult on stage all morning (but they’re adults all over the place to support them and help them succeed in the weeks and months before).  we divided our students into our 4 most attended school clusters and challenged them to unite together to put on the service specifically for the rest of the teens that go to their school. the students putting on the service are challenged to make sure every single student at their school gets at least 1 personal invitation (not just a facebook event invite).

may 1st = Greece Arcadia Titans own the sunday

may 15th = Hilton Cadets & Spencerport Rangers own the Sunday

may 22nd = all the other schools own the sunday

june 5th = Greece Athena Trojans own the sunday

here’s what i’m hoping to see from it: 

  • more relevant communication (because it comes from people “indigenous” to teen culture)
  • more invites (teens are more likely to invite to something they own)
  • more new visitors that don’t go to church anywhere
  • more connection between teens in our ministry that don’t normally connect together (but should)
  • more involvement after the series from students that normally just sit in the seats
so far we’ve seen a lot of what i’ve been hoping to see… and it’s exciting!