Students: They’re Not The Future Of The Church

this past sunday was such a fun day at lakeshore as it affirmed a truth i have been driving at for a long time now. i truly believe to my toes that students are not the future of the church. it drives me crazy when people say things like that.  they are the church of today and they add more to a church’s worship experience than most think.
here’s a picture of jessi painting live on stage in the main services this past sunday.  i was preaching on how we need to depend on God in prayer, rather than relying on ourselves.  she started the painting with a rock climber hanging onto a frayed rope… and as the sermon went along that rope morphed into a giant hand reaching out to her from above.  for many, i know the point was driven home not by the words spoken but by the image created.

jessi painting

jessi is a senior in our student ministry and is planning to pursue a career in art / design.  i am so excited for the work with her name on it that God has placed in front of her!






Lakeshore’s Family Ministries Calendar – Winter 2014

my wife shanna has been creating fun calendars for our children & youth ministries at the church for several years now.  here’s the latest one promoting some events this winter at lakeshore.  you can see one of her other calendars here.  if you’d like the psd/ai files so you can edit to fit your organization’s upcoming events, just let me know.

winter 2013 calendar web

Summer 2012 LCC Family Calendar

our church’s summer calendar for our family ministries just rolled off shanna’s computer, and I’m so excited with how it turned out! though we had to rework it all from scratch, the graphic concept was pretty much stolen from hsm’s team at saddleback and we’re super thankful for their creative minds! be sure to check out josh’s blog on a regular basis!

shanna even snuck the ontario beach park into the background!

This Here Blog Has A New Look

not that you didn’t already notice that. the old background & theme was getting hard to see. maybe i’m getting old. or maybe i just like change and got bored.

but either way… it’s on purpose and you’re still at the right place!