Know Your Meme & Story Time Jesus

we recently had a few guys from my 10th/11th grade small group over to hang out and they introduced me to know your meme. according to the site, they are “a website dedicated to documenting internet phenomena: viral videos, image macros, catchphrases, web celebs, and more.”  the guys in my small group say it’s a way for me to at least attempt to stay current and relevant in today’s culture that’s changing literally overnight.

one of these guys, who happens to be a great friend of mine, and starting a band called static speed, forwarded these images to me that he found on the site. i realize that not every church will find the humor in them, but if it can lighten the mood in the middle of your talk and help people connect (without getting you fired), use em!


When The Voice Of Culture Is Louder Than The Voice Of God

from time to time as youth workers we get the ridiculous opportunity to pace through some very sacred moments with students and families. usually it’s in the midst of deep pain and sorrow on levels that we can’t possibly understand.

i got that email this week. and it’s been messing with my heart. i hate seeing students in pain more than anything else. i hate cruelty to others. i hate bullying, and the insensitive hurtful words that do so much damage. i hate abuse and neglect. and somedays i wonder if it’ll ever end.

i’m a big fan of places like my broken palace, and remedy live.  i blogged about the former in a previous post. when i was checking out MBP’s tumbler today, i bumped into this video.  so poweful.

i wonder do we tell the girls in our student ministries enough that they’re beautiful, just the way they are?

do we tell our daughters that? do our wives know?

and not just in words… but in other creative ways?

because what i do know… and i know it well this week… the voice of culture is LOUD. and the voice in culture is not communicating truth on this one.  youth workers… speak up!

When People Don’t Like Change

whether we like it or not, change will always be a part of ministry. because culture is constantly changing, the methods used to reach culture ought to change as well right along with it. unfortunately, most churches, businesses, and organizations are not good at change.  too much emotion gets entered into the equation, and when the masses revolt, the hesitant leader rescinds and questions whether the decision was right or not.

a few months ago, another blogger posted a review for the book ReWork by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson, and with my curiosity piqued, i grabbed a copy.  great, great read – it’s a simple little “proverb-like” book with some obvious and not-so-obvious business tips.  i love their writing style and it’s kept me engaged.

towards the back of the book is a great little chapter on change in an organization. i thought this exerpt was worth posting:

when you rock the boat, there will be waves. after you introduce a new feature, change a policy, or remove something, knee-jerk reactions will pour in. resist the urge to panic or make rapid changes in response. passions flare in the beginning. that’s normal. but if you ride out that first rocky week, things usually settle down. […]

people often respond before they give a change a fair chance. sometimes that initial negative reaction is more of a primal response. that’s why you’ll sometimes hear things like, “it’s the worst thing i’ve ever seen.” no, it’s not. it’s a minor change. come on.

what tweaks and changes do you know you need to make? if God is truly leading the change, lead strong and don’t be swayed by the ones who want to stay where it’s comfortable!