God, Use Me… God, I Feel Used…

so often we huddle up in our churches and prayer corners and beg God to use us. and then a couple weeks later we cry back out to God… “God, I feel used.”*

what did we expect God to do?

i feel like we have this idea of christianity and ministry that makes us look like pansies.
listen, ministry is hard. there are tough days and discouraging moments. maybe we sell it wrong when we invite others into ministry, but my bible promises none of the things we often expect.

when God called us to serve him, he didn’t promise ease and prosperity. he simply called us to serve. to get our hands dirty and invest in the messy lives of people. some of whom will only take and use. we may never see a return on a lot of the investments we make.

but we do it anyways.
and we do it again.
and when discouragement comes, we dust ourselves off and press on to the next one in line.

if you’re looking to give up today because you feel used, remember that God probably answered a prayer that you prayed. and get back at it.

*i completely stole this line from carl lentz, lead pastor at Hillsong NYC.