Think You’re Called To Ministry?

i absolutely love the fact that i get to serve the church and be in ministry. there are many joys and exciting moments as you see God work as only he can.  when you see a person recognize the power of the cross for the first time, or when you see someone take a clear step towards closer intimacy with God… wow! it gets me fired up every morning.
but there’s another side to the story as well.
  • ministry is hard.
  • in fact, somedays it’s downright maddening.
  • many days you want to throw the towel in and call it quits.


in light of this i’ve heard pastor vince give the following advice a number of times.  i think it’s both profound and simple, and certainly worth sharing today.


if you’re thinking of going into ministry.  think again.  in fact, if you can think of ANYTHING else to do for a career, you should do it.


if after thinking of anything else, you can’t come up with anything else, you should totally go into ministry.*