Target 10: A Simple Way To Encourage Friend Invites

i’m always looking for cheap and easy ways to empower our students to more actively invite their friends to our student ministry. in a couple weeks, we’re starting a new UFC-themed teaching series called “IDK” (graphics taken from the good people over at – and we’re setting it up towards an apologetics/defending your faith angle.  the hope is that it’ll teach our committed students how to think when they’re basic beliefs are questioned, and for our seeking students to consider the validity of christianity’s worldview.

to try to encourage our students to invite their friends, we printed out a simple poster of a bulls eye with a title at the top.  at the end of the services this sunday, our students will be challenged to grab a sharpie and write the names of 10 of their friends who don’t already attend church that they believe could benefit from this series.  by writing names on the poster, they’re not necessarily committing to actually invite them yet – just to think through and verbalize their names.

we also have some simple business-card sized invites they’ll be given on their way out the door. it’s an idea i stole from someone else, so feel free to take it if it can work in your setting!  what else do you do to encourage friend invites?