They Just Want To Know That You’re Being Responsible

was looking through my notes from college (this one, to be exact) for a fellow youth pastor friend the other day, and stumbled upon a few nuggets of truth from one of my classes that has proven to be super helpful. i remember running into so much tension between different people during my first couple years of ministry. if i just understood that all they wanted was to know that i was being responsible, it would’ve softened many tough conversations.

SENIOR PASTORS want to know that you are responsibly leading the ministry to spiritual maturity.

THE BOARDS (deacon, elder, trustee) want to know that you are responsibly stewarding the church’s money, time, salary, and people resources.

PARENTS want to know that you are responsibly shepherding the physical & spiritual needs of their kids.

i’ve learned that it’s not just a matter of being responsible. it’s about communicating enough with these three groups so that they know you are being responsible. unfortunately, when there’s poor communication, people tend to assume the worst, and when that happens it can get ugly.