Pastors and Depression

Perry Noble had all the markings of success—one of the largest and fastest growing churches in America and a great family—but as his inner world crumbled, he ending up feeling like he wanted to kill himself.

He tells an amazing story of how he overcame anxiety and depression to keep leading.

the above was taken from carey nieuwhof’s blog as he introduced an interview he ran on his brand new podcast. shanna and i listened to this together the other night and it gripped us from start to finish. i actually had a stack of copies of the mp3 burned onto cd’s and am giving them out to everyone around me.

if you’re a pastor, you’re gonna wanna hear this. 

you might not be struggling with depression right now, but your day is probably coming. don’t let your pride fool you into thinking you’re invincible.

grab the podcast here.

here’s some quotes from the interview I pulled from carey’s blog:

“People in the church will praise you for working yourself to death…until you’re in your coffin.”

“Leaders develop really unhealthy patterns and we call it leadership.”

“I wanted God to deliver me from depression. Instead, he delivered me through it.”