3 Confessions Of A Secure Leader

i heard it said once that everyone (you and me included) are all desperately insecure.

no matter how put together we appear on the outside, we all have insecurities that can trigger defensiveness from time to time.  as leaders, these insecurities have colossal implications when left unaddressed.  they will hold us, those we lead, and the entire organization back further than we may realize.
i recently heard the following quotes and liked them so much that they are posted on my office door.  they are helpful to confess from time to time to keep us on point towards what is true.

3 Leadership Confessions

if you want to grab this for yourself, you can do so here:  3 Leadership Confessions


5 Powerful Questions To Ask Your Kids At Bedtime

adelina recently learned how to climb out of her crib, so this week has been a week of transitions and new routines. as i was putting her down tonight, i remembered a list of questions i jotted down in my moleskine that andy stanley noted in his must-read choosing to cheat. my daughter is not quite old enough for these yet, but i plan to ask them to her on a regular basis in a few years. powerful and transformative conversations can happen right before a kid’s eyes close for the night.


5 Powerful Questions

1. Is everything ok in your heart?

2. Did anyone hurt your feelings today?

3. Are you mad at anyone?

4. Did anyone break a promise to you?

5. Is there anything i can do for you?

what are other good questions to ask your kids at bedtime?

Cheat The Church (Not Your Family)

i have been absolutely loving being a dad and this new season of life. so so so so fun!  the coolest thing lately has been watching adelina smile voluntarily (not that fake, “i-can’t-help-it” kinda way”).

but even as cool as it is, and even though when i’m home i never wanna leave, i know how easy it still is to overwork and give too much of my time to the church.  andy stanley summed it up a few years ago here by challenging us with this tension. here’s a small bit, head there for the rest:

I’d like to tell you about the best leadership decision I’ve ever made. It came back in 1995 when we decided to launch North Point Community Church. My wife, Sandra, and I had two kids at that time, both of which were in diapers, and she was pregnant with our third child.

If you’ve ever started a church, you know it is extraordinarily time intensive. You’re never done. Whenever you go home, there is stuff left to do. And yet I found myself in this stage of life where there was more to do at home than there had ever been. So I found myself in this awful dilemma. There was not enough time to do everything, and there wasn’t enough time to be who I needed to be as a leader of this brand new organization, as a father of two little boys, and the husband of a wife who was pregnant and doing her best to support me emotionally through a very difficult transition. I found myself sitting alone one afternoon thinking, I can’t do all of this.

The “Work” Paradox

Think of the dilemma: If you stayed at work (and the “work” could be business or church) until you got every single thing done that you needed to get done and were just far enough ahead to where you could actually enjoy the next day, you’d never go home, right?

If you stayed at home until everybody at home got the time and attention they wanted, you’d never go to work! Never once have my kids said to me, “Dad, I think we’ve played enough. Why don’t you go on in the house and see if you can get some work done.” That has never happened, and it never will.

i love the courageous decision he made to set a radical boundary by coming home every day at 4:30, and in these early days with adelina, the whole article was a good reminder and challenge.  you’re gonna cheat one of them… don’t let it be your family!

One Not Everyone

we hit the jackpot by having Todd Bush speak at our student services this past sunday!  check out these 2 clips from the services:




before the services, we were joking about how if people like him or i say something profound, nobody would ever hear about it or care that much lol… but if someone famous says it, it gets recorded in books, retweeted, and blogged for years and years.

during his talk, he read a quote from Andy Stanley… and it’s so good that i just can’t help blogging it!  it was a strong thrust within his message, and i believe God really used it to encourage and awaken our students.

“Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone. Because if we all did for one what we wish we could do for everyone, it might change the world. But certainly it will change one person’s world. It may even change your world.”