Acts 12:5 Lock Screen & Desktop Image

i posted last week about a new idea our church is rolling out right now to try to help get key passages from scripture in front of our people.  if you missed that post, grab it here!
if you haven’t yet downloaded this week’s image from Acts 12:5, you can get it below.

acts12.5 acts12.5


Students: They’re Not The Future Of The Church

this past sunday was such a fun day at lakeshore as it affirmed a truth i have been driving at for a long time now. i truly believe to my toes that students are not the future of the church. it drives me crazy when people say things like that.  they are the church of today and they add more to a church’s worship experience than most think.
here’s a picture of jessi painting live on stage in the main services this past sunday.  i was preaching on how we need to depend on God in prayer, rather than relying on ourselves.  she started the painting with a rock climber hanging onto a frayed rope… and as the sermon went along that rope morphed into a giant hand reaching out to her from above.  for many, i know the point was driven home not by the words spoken but by the image created.

jessi painting

jessi is a senior in our student ministry and is planning to pursue a career in art / design.  i am so excited for the work with her name on it that God has placed in front of her!





Books I’m (Still) in the Middle of Right Now

if i finished every book that i started i’d probably be a lot smarter. i am an expert at starting books… finishing them is a different story.  here are my top 3 books that i am still a long ways from finishing, but totally digging right now.


the next christians | seven ways you can live the gospel and restore the worldnext-christians2

by gabe lyons

this book covers how we can be…

  1. provoked, not offended
  2. creators, not critics
  3. called, not employed
  4. grounded, not distracted
  5. in community, not alone
  6. civil, not divisive
  7. countercultural, not relevant


strong fathers strong daughters | 10 secrets every father should knowstrong-fathers-strong-daughters

by meg meeker

such a good book. absolute must read for every dad of daughters, regardless of the age. i’m so thankful i was pointed to this book, and i feel like it’s going to be one on my shelf that i continually re-read. (but for now i’m just trying to get through it for the first time… slow down, cory)



20 and something | have the time of your life (and figure it all out too) 20 and something

by david kim (part of the barna group’s FRAMES)

this book has been FILLED with a ton of insight on today’s twentysomethings and the opportunities in front of the church as we seek to love on and minister to millennials.

Memorize Scripture With Your Phone’s Lock Screen

this past sunday we rolled out a new idea in the adult services at lakeshore to try to get some scripture in front of everyone’s faces a little more than just in the sermon.  this week was the 1st of a 3 week series on prayer, and the idea is to get people to change their lock screen on their phones to a new image each week, with that image being a key verse directly quoted in that that sunday’s message.
i love the creativity in this simple idea, and i love the design that shanna came up with.
keep checking here for all 3 of these images.
you can get the first lock screen below, as well as a desktop background for your computer!

psalm-86 psalm 86.11_wallpaper