Adelina’s Smile

here’s a picture shanna snagged of adelina yesterday. i love her smile soooooooooo much!



Egg Russian Roulette

i’m loving the potential Jimmy Fallon’s games have to up the fun factor in our youth group in the coming weeks.  i just heard about this goldmine from the download youth ministry blog.


the egg russian roulette caught my eye as a potential in our setting right away! out of 12 eggs, 8 are hard boiled and 4 are not.  each person takes turns smashing the egg on their head.  the one with the most raw egg on their head when it’s all said and done loses!
to see the clip of this hilarious game on the show, go over here!

Progress Comes With Consistency Over Time

i have friends that are always going on cruises.
they like to talk about them before the trip… they post pictures while they’re on the trip… and they won’t shut up about it after the trip.
sometimes i feel like crowdfunding a one-way cruise for them to somewhere in the caribbean so they’ll never come back.


but then i remind myself that they’ve earned it.  they’ve paid their dues.  they’ve gone to work day in and day out, year after year. and now they’re in a season of life where they should be doing a lot of those kinds of things.
we always think (or maybe just hope) that we’ll get that call someday from publisher’s clearing house or that someday we’ll finally see our lottery numbers up on the tv during the evening news.  we get flyers in the mail with a plastic key taped to it, and we know… even though the odds of winning the car are 1:500,000… we just know it’s legit this time.  we long to find that quick fix to a broken marriage, or an overnight remedy to the dysfunctional relationship with our kids.  

we want all the benefits of retirement without first paying our dues.

but that’s now how life works.

i’ve been coming to the realization over the last decade that life is full of hard work.  i know… profound.  it’s the same thing your grandpa has been telling you since you were little.
progress in any area of life doesn’t come overnight, and it can’t be purchased in a fast-food lane.  it comes with a boat-load of consistency over time.  a steadfast resolve with a stubborn determination to never give up.
whether it’s…
  • working a job and showing up everyday
  • building a healthy ministry
  • saving for retirement
  • wooing the man/woman of your dreams to think more of you
  • building a solid marriage
  • nurturing a secure and stable relationship with your kids
  • building respect among your colleagues and partners
  • keeping your house clean
  • publishing your first book
  • or reaching a sobriety milestone

…it doesn’t happen overnight.

as we launch into the new year, are you ready to put your shoulders down and work hard towards a reality you won’t fully enjoy in these 12 months?