Don’t Let Your Marriage Settle For Good

this past weekend shanna and i had the opportunity to get away for a few days to work on our marriage. and it was so great! it was a great reminder to me that because of the busyness and crazyness and demands and pressures and to-do lists that are unavoidable and inescapable in life and especially in ministry, what unfortunately often happens is that the people who mean the most to us end up getting pieces of us, but not all of us.

unless we’re intentional.

i’m so thankful for the ministry of family life and their weekend to remember events that helped us be intentional again.


here’s why the weekend was so great and why you should consider going soon when you get a chance:
  • the speakers were excellent, well-prepared, and engaging.  i loved how real they were and how their examples weren’t all success stories, but illustrations of personal pain and hurt that they inflicted on their spouse, and how they found a path to healing. 
  • the event was not super churchy or religiously stuffy. as a pastor, i sometimes get cyncial going into things like this (like taking bets on how many fireproof clips they’re gonna show), but this wasn’t like that. while they are very biblical, i wouldn’t be afraid to invite an unchurched friend.
  • they intentionally leave saturday evening free & unprogrammed for a date night. it was so good for our marriage to be able to have some relaxing time together, away from adelina, and out of the reach of our cell phones.
we just celebrated our 8th anniversary the other day, and while i would say our marriage was good, this weekend helped me see that it could be so much better.
thank you family life!

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