An Unexpected Check In The Mail

today my wife and i received a reminder from God that was long overdue.

he still provides.

i think i’ve grown cynical and somewhat skeptical about this over the last few months.  on a personal level, bills and have been piling in and the money has been tight.  i look around and see many people who don’t seem to be “provided” for. i have friends in third world countries who didn’t have a meal provided yesterday. i know many trapped in a black hole of medical bills. and so many nights i go to bed wondering, if i’m honest, does he still provide?
i’m not here saying right now that i have it all figured out.  or that all my theological questions of God’s provision now have answers.  there are still many lingering questions.
but i was reminded today that He does provide… simply because some things just can’t be called a coincidence.
yesterday we received an extremely thoughtful note in the mail and a random check for $135.00.  it was from a relatively new friend, who i barely know, and have yet to actually meet in person. i love this guy and hope to shake his hand and give him a big hug in the future. anyways, his note read that he and his wife had some extra money at the end of april, thought of us, and decided to bless us with it.
we’ve had similar things like this occur before.  one time when shanna and i were newly married (8 years ago now) we had received a check like this.  as we talked through it, we didn’t know what we should do with it (shoot- i miss those days!).  a few days later we heard of a friend in need of that exact amount of money.  we decided to resend the entire check to them and see what happened.
guess what…
he provided for them. i still remember it like it was yesterday – it was a powerful moment; one of those experiences where you look up to the heavens, shake your head in wonder, and say “i will remember this”.
i don’t think we purposefully forget those things. i just think sometimes life gets complex. the formulas change. and we begin to reevaluate the scenarios of the past to the realities of the present.
fast-forward back to today.
had a great evening with our family tonight celebrating mother’s day with my mom… both of my girls are sleeping the whole way home from syracuse… we finally arrive home and while shanna is carrying adelina into bed, i go grab the mail.  i open the mailbox and out pops a bill for guess how much…


i’m not lying.  i can show it to you if you want to see.  and it’s one of those bills we were not expecting and we probably would have freaked out had yesterday’s mail not already come.
i should blog more about our financial journey over the last 8 years, because we’ve learned a lot of lessons the hard way. we’ve recently gone through financial peace university, and it’s been so helpful in moving us to a better place. we’re still trying to pay back the “stupid” from our early years when we failed to trust God to provide. but we’re getting smarter and we’re finding ourselves more disciplined than ever.
and now today, when i was wondering if he still provides, i received this reminder.

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