2 Free Productivity Tools I’m Loving Right Now

i go in and out seasons where i waste time searching for tools that can make me more productive and waste less time.   here are 2 free tools i’m using and loving right now. hopefully now you don’t have to waste time looking for them!


i’ve tried a lot of different ways to organize my to do lists, and until now i’ve never been truly in love with any of the different systems out there. i feel the most disorganized when i don’t have all my tasks in one place, and this tool has solved that issue.

wunderlist ipad

though there are many other features that make it great, here’s why i love wunderlist:

  • it’s incredibly simple.  most of the task management tools out there are more complex than what i need right now, and they end up being more work than help.  if you’re looking for something that can let you enter start dates, due dates, current statuses, priorities, and who it’s assigned to… you probably won’t like this one.
  • its drag and drop feature. you can easily drag and drop tasks within your list to reorder them, and you can drag and drop between different lists as well. this is how i set priority: i just move the task to the top of my list!
  • it’s easy to enter data. getting new tasks into the system is as quick as writing it on a piece of paper. with the iphone app, you can quickly add a task to your “inbox list”, and then move it to a more specific list and set deadlines at a later time.  if you’re using a computer, you can enter multiple tasks, one after another, without ever touching the mouse.
  • it syncs in the cloud.  you can be confident that as soon as you sync it on the device you’re working on, you’ll see the same thing on every other device – including iphone, ipad, mac, windows, and on the web.
  • it’s free.  there is a paid version, but so far the free option is working perfect for me.


if you ever have blocks of time in your schedule where you try to focus your thoughts and get written content down, this tool could become your best friend. i use it all the time now when i’m writing blogposts, sermon scripts, long emails, or meeting agendas.  i’m actually using it right now as i write this post.


here’s some features of OmmWriter that make it my tool of choice when trying to create content:

  • it controls your screen and completely takes over. even if you have your computer hooked up to a second display, it blacks that out as well. the program visually focuses your eye on one text box and removes everything else from your line of sight, no matter how many programs you have running.  when an email comes in, you won’t know it and you won’t lose your train of thought.
  • you can’t get bogged down in formatting. save that for Word or Pages… there’s no formatting features here! the whole purpose of this tool is to simply get the content out of your head and into writing.  you can make it look pretty later.
  • there’s settings that allow you to play calm background music and soft keystroke sounds, and when you use headphones you really can’t hear other things around you.
if you find these tools helpful, let me know in the comments.

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