Sincerely Freedom: Spoken Word Video By Nick Vitellaro

people sometimes wonder why i’m always talking about porn and it’s grip on young people these days.  i’ve been accused of teaching on sex too much.
frankly, i don’t think i have taught on it enough.
this video being launched RIGHT NOW by xxxchurch explains it in a better way and with more passion than i’ve yet seen.

it’s totally worth the 7 minutes to watch.

if you’re struggling and want freedom, you can find it!

Helping Students Take The Next Right Step

it can be so overwhelming when you think about all the students in your ministry and where they’re each at individually with God.  before long, they’ll be on there own away from the safety of their high school years, and we wonder if their faith will last or not.  we have a vision of what a relationship with Jesus should look like for them when they walk across that stage and grab the diploma, but when you look at the current reality, the task feels daunting and unreachable.
so what do you do?
as a small group leader, shepherd, youth worker – where do you even start?

encourage them to just take the next right step.

i was just in a meeting with our youth leaders at lakeshore and we read this fantastic blog post by michael hyatt together, and then talked about how it can apply to our ministry.  the discussion was great.  
i encouraged our small group leaders to later list out the names of each student in their small group with the next right step for each of them individually.  
  • trent needs to apologize to his parents
  • samantha needs to have a heart to heart conversation with her boyfriend
  • joey needs to read 1 John
  • sarah needs to read Psalm 139 and journal about how God views her
  • chris needs to commit to not leaving his laptop in his bedroom after 11:00
as youth leaders it is easy to just tell our students to be more like Jesus week after week.  but we don’t grow in generalities.  we grow in specifics.  
one step after another step after another step.  
what’s the next right step for the students you’re closest to?