Staying Focused While Criticized

it’s march madness!!!

growing up in syracuse and often watching the orange play in the dome, i have gathered a great deal of respect for jim boeheim.


i just read an article about some new allegations the NCAA is looking into. not always known for his personality or tact when speaking publicly, boeheim responded in his way that only he can:

“We’re concerned about playing Montana,” he said. “What people write or say, you know, there’s 30,000 people in the Dome yelling at me all the time. People yell at their television sets. I tell them I can’t hear them, but they still yell at them. There’s no distractions for me. And these players, there’s absolutely no distractions for them. They’re here to play Montana, and that’s it.”

if you didn’t hear, they absolutely destroyed montana in the first round.
i wish those of us in ministry had this level of focus, especially when criticized. as a leader, there are always people out there who don’t like a call you made or agree with the direction you’re taking. and rather than stay the course and continue to cast vision, we second-guess.  we pay an inordinate amount of attention to those not on board and steal our emotional energy from those who are.
as a pastor, i probably can’t just tell someone who criticizes me next “i can’t hear you”… but i can control what i focus on and where i put my attention.

sometimes you just have to tune your critics out.


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