Fresh Perspective From An Old Hymn


This weekend is one of the highlights of my ministry year: spending a few days with some of our youth leaders at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference in Indianapolis.  It’s always such a refreshing and challenging time as God recharges us for the year ahead.
In one of the general sessions today, the Jordan Howerton Band was leading us in a powerful worship set, and then broke out in singing the old hymn, “Victory In Jesus”.  I know that song well.  The church I grew up in would sing it EVERY SUNDAY at the end of service.  Every Sunday.  Without fail.  I remember hating the song by the time I was in high school.  But hearing it today with fresh ears brought a wave of gratefulness over me.  I’m so grateful for the ministry of Second Baptist Church and how God used the community of believers there to breathe life into a stuck-up, self-righteous kid like me.  For any blog readers who happen to stumble upon this blog from time to time from my roots back at Second, thank you for caring about teenagers and not assuming that the church kids have it all together or are any less broken than the ones outside the walls.

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