“Been There” Parents

i hate seeing people struggle in isolation. so often we think we’re the only ones, and that if we open up to others they’ll be shocked, embarrassed, or stand in judgment.  sadly, i know parents of teenagers often feel this way as well.

what if we as youth leaders were able to connect parents who have already “been there” with other parents going through the very same thing?  we scheduled an email to send out next week to take a step in this direction – copy and paste it in your email client if it can work for you!

we are looking to start up a list of parents to support one another in various areas of challenge that other parents face from time to time.  it is our hope to develop a list of parents who have “been there”, that we can use as a resource to point other parents to who may be looking for some extra support.  what situations or challenges have you been through as a parent that you can say “i’ve been there!” or “my kid has been there!” (drug addiction, pornography, same-sex attractions, anger issues, disabilities, bullying, etc.)?  nothing is off limits, and if you’re going through it, you’re not alone!  we would love to include you on our list and have your name and contact information available to give to other parents who might benefit from your experiences because they’re going through a similar situation.  if you are willing to be part of our “been there” list, please email us back and let us know your name, contact info, and what area(s) of support you might be a resource for.

stole this idea from the youth ministry garage.



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