Loved But Not Entitled

this prayer has been stirring in my heart for the last few weeks, but until now i have not been able to quite articulate it.

Dear God,

Help me teach our students that they are LOVED, but not ENTITLED.

That the value you’ve placed on their existence is far greater than they could ever imagine or will ever be told by another human being…

and yet,

that they are not above anything or anyone, and that they’re not free from the responsibility you’ve placed on their shoulders.


One thought on “Loved But Not Entitled

  1. Been wrestling with that one myself lately. As a parent I want my kids to know just that. They are loved more than they can imagine, but not entitled or above anyone else. So hard to figure out how to effectively communicate that. Probably how God feels about me and my sense of entitlement at times as well. Let’s keep praying for wisdom to communicate this clearly.

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