Making Change At Your Church Without Losing Your Job

just got a weekly youth ministry email with a link to an article from youth ministry architects with some simple tips to creating change in your church, especially if you’re new in your leadership position. i can remember some classic mistakes i’ve made by not following these steps; if i had it would have saved me from a world of pain!

check this excerpt out, and head here for the rest!

Making changes in a 2,000-year-old institution can be tricky.  If you’re 20-something, and you haven’t earned any street cred in your new church, it can be absolutely dangerous. […] here’s a place to start. It’s a simple tool that creates the kind of trust and credibility that moves you from “whiner” to “winner” in the eyes of your volunteers and the church establishment.

Step 1) Make a list of everything you want to change at your church.

Step 2) Make a list of everything that everyone else wants to change at your church.

Step 3) Highlight the things that are on both lists, and fix those first.


Pixar & Preaching

i don’t know about you but i love everything that pixar puts out. they are masters at creativity and they know how to engage an audience. pixar-movies-1280x720

when i saw these 22 rules of storytelling, my mind went right away to those of us who preach on a regular basis. not sure i would make it the basis of a homiletics course in seminary, but definitely some transferable principles here.


Feed My Starving Children Infographic

i love my church.  we’re passionate about making the truth of Jesus relevant and understandable to people far from God, and every day we’re seeking new ways to meet the needs of people both here in the states, and around the world.

this past weekend we did an event with the good folks at feed my starving children. you can see some pictures of the event over at lakeshore’s facebook page. even adelina participated!


shanna made this infographic to highlight some of the exciting things. check it out!


Bigger Is Better Video Clip

was doing some final message prep last night for my talk this morning on contentment and not chasing after “stuff” – and i saw this TV commercial come on in the background.  i ended up using it as a fun lead-in to a discussion on the world’s values.  might be something worth showing the next time you speak on something similar.