X3Church: What Do I Do When I Find Myself Struggling With Lustful Thoughts

i’ve recently joined the blogging team at xxxchurch.com to help out on their pastor’s blog – in the picture below is a link to my first post.  i love the ministry of x3church and how their perseverance over the years has now given them a platform to bring the issues of pornography’s destructive nature into the church where it belongs. check it out!


One thought on “X3Church: What Do I Do When I Find Myself Struggling With Lustful Thoughts

  1. Ah, secular BB rears his ugly head. I honestly think people, but we Christians in particular, get hung up on and needlessly guilt ourselves over what is a very natural phenomenon. God gave you the means and urge to procreate–part of that package is a sexual awareness that is entirely instinctual.

    So you found a woman other than your wife attractive? You’ve just proven that God’s design works.

    What’s more important than the feeling is the action that accompanies it. You can’t, no matter what any theologian says, get rid of lust. Nor should you. What you can do is control how you act upon it, and so long as your are emotionally and physically faithful to your wife you’re covering your bases.

    Christians waste entirely too much time trying to fight human nature. Accept lust for what it is, take the physical steps to get it out of your system, and then return your focus to ministration. That’s my take, anyway.

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