Don’t Let The Fruit Hit The Ground

you know when you’re driving and you see something on the side of the road catch your eye? i’ve seen this several times now over the last few days. and today i pulled over to take a picture of it.

really it’s a sad picture. apple orchards are all over the place here in upstate new york. and from what i hear, this year is an especially bad year for apple farmers due to the early budding after a warm spell at the end of the winter. if you could see all the trees around the ones captured in this picture, you’d see hundreds of apples laying on the ground, one on top of another.

it makes me think of ministry and how we’re called to steward the “fruit” God has grown in our midst. it’s so easy to say yes to too many of the wrong things, and make ourselves so busy at church that we can’t gather the fruit that God grows through His Spirit working in our efforts.

i don’t want my ministry to have any apples hit the ground. i feel like i’ve worked harder this summer to prepare for the harvest of a new ministry year than ever before, and i don’t want to miss the fruit that God will bring. we can’t afford to let them fall through the cracks.

every txt message. or facebook post. or response card after a service. or even a half-baked, awkward attempt by a junior higher to express an interest in jesus… we as a ministry and as a leadership team have a responsibility to steward the fruit growing on our vines.

too much is at stake… don’t let the fruit hit the ground.


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