Reflective Tweets – A New (?) Spiritual Discipline

was listening to the youth ministry garage the other day and a question came in to doug, matt, josh, and katie on how they are currently trying to maintain a consistent personal time with God amidst the craziness of ministry.  i thought their answers were insightful and helpful, especially matt’s bit about “reflective tweeting”.

i’m gonna try it. i’m a wanna-be-blogger and still trying to figure out twitter. i know it’s morphed over time and is way more than just reading what someone ate for lunch. aside from sharing with everyone in the world random stuff, it can be a great way to process your own learnings.

here’s the idea on “reflective tweeting”:

every evening before going to bed, take a few minutes to reflect on your day. what did you learn? what stood out to you and made an impression? what is one thing that you took away as a life lesson?  and then you tweet it.

i’m probably not spiritual enough, but i just don’t have time to journal a whole page or two every day. some days… but it’s rare.  i can, however, summarize a thought or two in 140 characters or less.

it may not make sense to anyone else, but i think it’ll help me reflect on my day and learn some new things.


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