The Youth Worker’s Need For Sabbath

will be leaving soon for a week of vacation with the family to a cabin in virginia where there just so happens to be no internet, tv, or cell phone signal. we are beyond excited and in need of this time.

saw this new video by YS and was reminded of the value of unplugging and getting away to work on your own soul. i know that summer is crazy for us in student ministry, but if your next break isn’t scheduled yet, stop waiting!


One thought on “The Youth Worker’s Need For Sabbath

  1. We all need to realize that we don’t have to be immediately aware of everything. When I’m out of the house, I’m away from the internet, which lets me concentrate on what I’m doing there and then. It’s especially good when I’m on vacation not to be carrying the internet with me.

    Enjoy your week of freedom with the family amid the beauty of Virginia.

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