Reflective Tweets – A New (?) Spiritual Discipline

was listening to the youth ministry garage the other day and a question came in to doug, matt, josh, and katie on how they are currently trying to maintain a consistent personal time with God amidst the craziness of ministry.  i thought their answers were insightful and helpful, especially matt’s bit about “reflective tweeting”.

i’m gonna try it. i’m a wanna-be-blogger and still trying to figure out twitter. i know it’s morphed over time and is way more than just reading what someone ate for lunch. aside from sharing with everyone in the world random stuff, it can be a great way to process your own learnings.

here’s the idea on “reflective tweeting”:

every evening before going to bed, take a few minutes to reflect on your day. what did you learn? what stood out to you and made an impression? what is one thing that you took away as a life lesson?  and then you tweet it.

i’m probably not spiritual enough, but i just don’t have time to journal a whole page or two every day. some days… but it’s rare.  i can, however, summarize a thought or two in 140 characters or less.

it may not make sense to anyone else, but i think it’ll help me reflect on my day and learn some new things.


The Youth Worker’s Need For Sabbath

will be leaving soon for a week of vacation with the family to a cabin in virginia where there just so happens to be no internet, tv, or cell phone signal. we are beyond excited and in need of this time.

saw this new video by YS and was reminded of the value of unplugging and getting away to work on your own soul. i know that summer is crazy for us in student ministry, but if your next break isn’t scheduled yet, stop waiting!

Summer 2012 LCC Family Calendar

our church’s summer calendar for our family ministries just rolled off shanna’s computer, and I’m so excited with how it turned out! though we had to rework it all from scratch, the graphic concept was pretty much stolen from hsm’s team at saddleback and we’re super thankful for their creative minds! be sure to check out josh’s blog on a regular basis!

shanna even snuck the ontario beach park into the background!