Christians, Church Is Not About You

“well, that’s unfortunate”.

yup, that’s actually what someone told me today when i explained that my church is laser focused and unapologetically in business for the people in our community far from God.

of course, this conversation was in a larger context of why our church does ‘this’ and doesn’t do ‘that’, and how those decisions happen to not line up with the style of worship they would prefer at the moment… yada yada yada.

to be honest these conversations weary me. i’d rather floss my teeth (something i really hate doing). i wish people who call themselves Christians would just read The Great Commission and take it literally. i wish they would look harder in the Gospels and somehow catch Jesus’ heart for the broken and the messed up. i mean, is it really that hard to see? he would spend hours talking to town prostitutes in the hot sun while his friends looked for funnel cakes, and he’d hang around money launderers with his own reputation on the line.  Jesus’ passion for people affected his everyday, operational decisions, and yet it feels today like so many long-time (mature) Christians love taking cheap shots at churches trying to get their hands dirty by making those same kinds of decisions.

i think it’s unfortunate that they think it’s unfortunate. it’s sad really. because the church is not about you, Christians. it’s not about what you like, or what you prefer. the minute you turned your life over to Christ you were given a job: to love without limits, to care compassionately, and to sacrifice selflessly.

so if you’re looking for a church, look for one that’s getting their hands dirty in the lives of people far from God. and put your personal preferences aside.


2 thoughts on “Christians, Church Is Not About You

  1. I came to Lakeshore because once I got my hands around the concept of tything, I started thinking about what my money was accomplishing and realized pot luck dinners and talent shows weren’t good enough. I wanted my money to reach my community for Christ. “Unfortunately,” the decisions that church leaders make toward that aim are not always obvious. Lots of people have great ideas on programs or projects that may reach the lost for Christ…things that they would feel comfortable bringing their friends to, but don’t feel like their church leaders listen to them. I’m sure the church staff and elders spend hours hammering out their decisions, in some cases it may even look like a jury trying to reach a decision…but no one sees this. (Thankfully.?.?) It would be nice if there was a way for church members and attenders to understand the reasoning for some of the decisions on the occasions in which things don’t seem well thought out and we think we know better. I’m sure most of the time it’s fairly obvious, though. Personally, I try not to complain and I try to trust my leaders. If I can’t trust or understand, I abstain from that activity. (I also abstain because I’m exhausted and burned out from life, so don’t read to much into my abstentions, LOL.) Good points, Cory!

  2. Good post, bro. I am a former youth pastor who is now pastor at a church. God has blessed us with the ability to be in a church that was tired of doing things “the way they’ve always been done” a.k.a. suiting to our comfortable preferences while those who don’t line up go to hell. I’m not sure where the focus got off of church/worship being a place focused on the Lord, but sadly in many cases it has. Keep yourself focused on the Great Commission and watch the Almighty God do some amazing things!

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