Don’t Call Your Event An Annual Thing!

caution, rant coming!

why is it that we in ministry so often start a new event/program/initiative and right out of the shoot call it something like “the first annual pizza eating contest”?  when the event miserably fails, or even produces minimal levels of success, it makes it that much harder to kill it and channel resources to a more worthwhile initiative.  it’s funny to me how one word can keep dysfunctional programs on the calendar for far too long.

it’s always good to evaluate an event from top to bottom. and it’s certainly good to start by even asking the question whether or not the event should even continue next year.  the reality is, even if something’s been successful for 20 years, it still doesn’t mean it will be successful next year.

i guess this stuff has been on my mind more lately as i’ve been reading through necessary endings by henry cloud with the rest of our church staff. i’m realizing that as the leader of our student ministry, one of my primary jobs is approving what is allowed to go on our ministry calendar, and by extension, what initiatives are allowed or not allowed to get our attention. that simple yes that i give affects many families – my ministry volunteers/staff, our students and their parents, and other groups wanting to use our facility.  as a ministry we can’t do everything, and we must make sure our resources are being sent to initiatives that will truly produce results.

the next time you have a great idea, don’t call it an annual event! give yourself freedom to take it off the calendar and replace it with something else.


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