Recruiting: Your Best People Are Already In Your Church

in student ministry we’re always look for caring adult leaders to continue loving on students  and volunteers to help us advance the ball in our ministries. but let’s be honest, sometimes it seems that they’re hard to find.

i still remember watching one adult volunteer from a different church a few years ago who was obviously not in his sweet spot serving in student ministry; during an overnight event, some of my teens tried to play a prank on him at 2am by deflating his 3 ft. high air mattress (while he slept on it). i still laugh thinking about it… until i remember how he quickly lost his cool and shouted obscenities at the teens in his sleep! some people just aren’t cut out for this kind of ministry.

but some are… and the big question centers around where to find them.

sometimes it feels like flipping through a where’s waldo book.

i recently began reading through 1 corinthians, and this verse jumped out at me as i’ve been thinking about recruiting these days:

“Therefore you do not lack any spiritual gift as you eagerly wait for our Lord Jesus Christ to be revealed.”

what i love about this verse is the fact that paul is talking, under the inspiration of the holy spirit, to a very dysfunctional and broken church. and even in that messed up environment, his theology taught that all the gifts necessary to lead a healthy ministry were already present in the collective body of believers there in corinth.

that gives an incredible amount of hope to us in the trenches of recruiting volunteers.  though all of our churches are messed up to some degree because they’re made up of messed up people, hopefully your’s isn’t as bad as this one in corinth. but even if it is, by faith we can be confident that there’s no spiritual gift lacking within our walls to accomplish the ministry God has called us to.  we just need to keep looking, asking, following leads, taking potentials out to lunch, and being faithful with the ones he’s already entrusted to us. they’re there… we just need to find them!


to view the process and application we use when we do find the right person, check this out!



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