Valentine’s Day: A Day To Celebrate Students Choosing God’s Way

it struck me today how many different emotions arise for different people on valentine’s day, depending on their situation and relational history. for many, today is a day to flaunt their “perfect” love relationship and happily ever after stories.  for other people, their facebook posts remind us it can be s.a.d. day (single awareness day).

today i wanted to celebrate our students who are striving to go God’s way in the area of love, sex, and relationships. i love that there are many students in our ministry right now who are not in a relationship because they’re intentionally waiting… or others who are but have put up strong standards for purity and have good accountability around them. we have others who have “taken a season off” to work on their own heart and relationship with Jesus – and i love it!

i just sent this txt to our students – feel free to send it to yours today to raise the value of true love and commitment.

Happy ❤ Day! @ ISM we r so proud of u who r making positive choices 2DAY that will affect ur future spouse & love life. It’s worth it!


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