I Drove To Church Mad At God Today

yup… it’s true. and don’t judge me – you get that way from time to time as well.

when i went to bed last night i was super excited about the service we had planned for our students this morning. there’s many weeks where i don’t feel like we did enough prep, or involved enough creative minds, or covered every detail adequately (that whole comparing thing).  but this was one of those rare sundays that i felt good about from the start.

and then i woke up and saw the snow.

personally, i don’t care about snow. i’ve grown up with it, it’s all i’ve known, and i regularly visit a chiropractor because of it. if a foot or two drops and i need to run out to the store, it doesn’t change anything for me.

but i know not everybody is like that. and certainly when it comes to church, many times people use whatever excuse they can to not leave home. when i was driving in this morning, to be very honest i was mad at God. i couldn’t come up with a single theological reason why today would be a good day for this much snow.


and then God whispered: “sometimes it’s not about the masses… but about the one.”

numbers were lower today. but there were still a few first-timers, one in particular that peaked my interest. i met him at the door; he seemed interested and receptive right out of the gate.  his friends that brought him told me some of his story. how he had it pretty rough lately, had made some pretty bad choices, and needed a strong challenge to go God’s way instead of the world’s. that in itself was interesting, because today’s topic was about exactly that. (we’re currently teaching through simply youth’s ‘happy’ series, and loving it, btw). we try to pursue happiness in so many different ways, but really we have a choice to follow the path that the world presents, or trust God and his promise of happiness when we go his way.

here’s where my theology got challenged. when i was talking with his friends, they were telling me that they were praying all week for some excuse to bring him to church with them today. because he’s from out of town, it’s not practical for him to come all the time, but they knew he needed it today. apparently, he happened to be staying over at their house friday night, and when the storm hit saturday night, his family asked if he could spend another night with them. well he did. and it was because of the storm that he entered our world this morning.

i’m so thankful for the snow, and for God’s reminder to me this morning that i don’t always need to know why He does what He does, but to just go with it.


4 thoughts on “I Drove To Church Mad At God Today

  1. It’s wonderful that the snow brought him to church to hear the message of the day.

    We all need to be reminded from time to time that God really does know more about our situation than we do.

  2. And it was a good message–you nailed it. As usual. Whether you know it or not, you’re a gifted preacher. The kids know it, I’ve heard them say it. 🙂 I’m glad the weather allowed that young man to be there!

  3. Thanks for posting this message Pastor Cory! For sure our plans are not God’s plans, now matter how much we try to make things work the way we want or think they should!!! So cool to hear about yesterday………

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