Lakeshore Reaches Out To Teen Moms

i’ve said before that i feel pretty good about the ministry of lakeshore community church and all that God is doing here. but one of the coolest things going on right now is a ministry called “New Life”.  it’s been in place and fine-tuning for over 2 years now, and provides a safe environment for teen moms.  many ministries in churches plan to reach out to people… this ministry actually is.

as christians, it’s never hard to know where we stand on abortion, but how much do we do to actually help girls who decide to carry their baby to term? are we committed to getting our hands dirty in radical ways, investing significant portions of our heart, and loving on people right where they’re at?

this ministry is… and i love watching it unfold. if you’re a teen mom, or soon to be, or know someone who is – tell them about New Life!  you can message me for more info, or contact the church office at 585-392-5253 or email


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