When The Voice Of Culture Is Louder Than The Voice Of God

from time to time as youth workers we get the ridiculous opportunity to pace through some very sacred moments with students and families. usually it’s in the midst of deep pain and sorrow on levels that we can’t possibly understand.

i got that email this week. and it’s been messing with my heart. i hate seeing students in pain more than anything else. i hate cruelty to others. i hate bullying, and the insensitive hurtful words that do so much damage. i hate abuse and neglect. and somedays i wonder if it’ll ever end.

i’m a big fan of places like my broken palace, and remedy live.  i blogged about the former in a previous post. when i was checking out MBP’s tumbler today, i bumped into this video.  so poweful.

i wonder do we tell the girls in our student ministries enough that they’re beautiful, just the way they are?

do we tell our daughters that? do our wives know?

and not just in words… but in other creative ways?

because what i do know… and i know it well this week… the voice of culture is LOUD. and the voice in culture is not communicating truth on this one.  youth workers… speak up!


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