Why As Youth Pastors We’re So Insecure

3 months after the leadership summit, and i’m still replaying in my mind a quote from steve furtick’s session. you can see it in this clip below at 1:01:

“see one of the reasons we struggle with insecurity is because we’re comparing our behind the scenes with everybody else’s highlight reel.”

it is so true. and it doesn’t just apply to those in student ministry, but in every other area of church leadership as well.  the more networked your church is, the more ministries you have to compare yourself to.

and one thing i’m learning: whenever you compare yourself to someone else… whether it’s your lawn, your home, your car, or the behavior of your kids… you always lose.

no matter how great their highlight reel looks, there’s a messy behind the scenes clip that you’re not seeing… and it looks just as bad as your’s and mine!


One thought on “Why As Youth Pastors We’re So Insecure

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