Shanna Is Now Lakeshore’s Graphic Designer

i’m very proud of my wife shanna and excited to announce that she’s just a few weeks into her new job as lakeshore‘s graphic designer!  to meet the growing graphic demands on both the print and web side of things, the church just created the part time position (about 10 hours/week), and we’re stoked.  most of my teaching series and promo pieces for the last 6 years have been worked up by her, but it’s super cool that the rest of the church will now be able to tap into her talent as well!

this isn't a picture of her. it's some random person on google. and the back of shanna's head is way prettier, btw. 🙂

the really cool part about it all is that the position is setup so most of the 10 hours are spent working from home. right now we have it set up that every morning from 7-9am i get to spend with adelina while shanna works. i’m loving the time with her. we chase the dog around the house, perform random science experiments together (mixing green beans w/ sweet potatoes), and make a ton of noise. AND we watch good morning america! on evenings when we’re home together, wheel of fortune is on too, which makes me feel like an old man.

anyways – way to go shanna!!!


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