Accusations: A Powerful Force That Can Take You Out Of Play

i’ve been watching the drama unfold between republican candidate hopeful herman cain and the sexual harassment accusations against him.  the whole thing is rediculous in my mind – and all i know is that at least one of them is lying. even if there’s no truth to the accusation, can the guy still get elected? it’s doubtful now…

and it gets me thinking about how we in ministry – especially ministry to students and children – can be taken out of play so quickly and so easily when accusations surface.  whether there’s merit or not to the accusation, you have to surround yourself with caution and care so that your integrity isn’t questioned.  like this verse in titus that i was reading this morning…

along these lines, the volunteer leaders under us too can be taken out of play (and our ministries given a black eye) from accusations. as we in our ministry continue to add more leaders and layers of leadership, we wanted to put some basic things in writing, some of which would help with this whole accusation business. i created a “leader covenant” document that everyone in leadership in our student ministry will sign every year – feel free to grab it and edit it if it’s something that can work in your context.  one piece of paper won’t stop every accusation, but it certainly can be a starting point with some written parameters in place.


One thought on “Accusations: A Powerful Force That Can Take You Out Of Play

  1. Would it make sense to take out the words “of the opposite sex” with regard to students they will not be alone with, in the light of some of the recently publicized sex abuse cases, which have involved same-sex wrongdoing?

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