A Great Book To Read Your Kids At Night

shanna and i recently picked up a book called the jesus storybook bible by sally lloyd-jones, and we just started reading it to adelina as part of her bedtime routine. some nights we’ll read some curious george, or a few comics by my buddy calvin and hobbes… some nights there’s not much of a routine and we just try to throw the kid in bed as quick as possible. but i’m loving this new find.

from the acknowledgments, it looks like the author attends/attended tim keller’s church in new york city. i was first introduced to him a few years ago at the leadership summit and through his book prodigal god.  very profound stuff.

anyways, the book narrates the major stories of the bible in terms that kids can understand. (not that adelina can understand any of it yet, but it’s getting us in the habit of reading to her). what i like about the book is that it constantly weaves the mini-narratives of the bible into the larger story of God, and the principles and truths about His character and the significance of the cross easily come through.

if you’re looking for a good book to take your kids through, check it out!


2 thoughts on “A Great Book To Read Your Kids At Night

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you see in it what I saw too! I grew up not really understanding that all of scripture points to the Savior, I thought the old testament was largely irrelevant til I got older and began to study it. The man who had recommended this children’s book to me thought that it was even a good book to read for adults who need to grasp this truth! I only wish we had this book when our older kids were Adi’s age.

  2. Hi Cory!
    Great review of this wonderful book..I fell in love with it the moment I read the opening words. Every parent & every children’s ministry leader should get this book!

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