Out Of Office Reply

we’re taking off for vacation tomorrow… and we’re so so so excited!  we’ll be gone till tuesday, october 18th, and it’ll be a “fully dark” vacation (no email, phone, txting, facebook, twitter, or blogging).

here’s my out-of-office email reply that will be up while we’re gone.


right about now you're probably thinking "wow, i never get a response from Cory this fast"... and that's definitely true. which is why i recently hired a robot to respond to emails for me (at least while i'm away on vacation).

speaking of which, i'll be out of the office and away from email until tuesday, october 18th.  

if you have a pressing need that can't wait till then, please contact the front office at Lakeshore Community Church at 392-5253 or smmariano@lakeshorechurch.org and they'll take care of ya. you can also visit www.ignitestudentministries.org and find contact info for our adult leadership team for student ministry related questions.

until then, here are 10 things you can do while you wait for a reply.

1. do the sticky wall! (click here for a picture: http://bit.ly/pvMUC9) we'll have it here at the church on friday, october 7th from 7-10pm for any student in 6th-12th grade!

2. go get a twitter account if you don't already have one. facebook is a waste of time, and google + isn't gonna make it.

3. follow me while you're at it - www.twitter.com/coryjh

4. read psalm 104... it's a good one.

5. be at church on sunday morning. it doesn't really earn you any points with God, but it does help you get to know Him better. our services are at 9 & 11am, and we're currently in a church-wide teaching campaign (everyone from diapers to depends) called "The Power Of A Whisper"... it's good stuff and worth the trip out. 

6. check out my blog at www.toomuchpizza.com. 

7. remember that the eagles are still the NFL's number 1 team this season, even if their record doesn't reflect that yet. there's a lot of games left to play...

8. take your family for a walk. these nice days in rochester will soon be gone.

9. buy switchfoot's new album "vice verses". there's some really good songs they just rolled out on it.

10. make someone laugh today. life is too hard to always be so serious. your encouragement could make all the difference in their day.

Cory Hunneyman
Student Ministries Pastor 
Lakeshore Community Church
3651 Latta Road
Rochester, NY 14612


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