Porta A Potty – Photo In Need Of A Caption

with all the hype surrounding hurricane irene, it was definitely a relief to hear that the damage and loss was less than projected. still some hard times for many people for sure…

as i was flipping through some of the images on one of the news sites, i saw this picture and it made me chuckle.  let’s make a contest out of it (this is one of my favorite ways to open our student services, btw.)  submit your funniest captions in the comments below.  i’ll select a winner based solely on how i interpret your sense of humor, and i’ll send you a roll of toilet paper as a prize!

let the fun begin!



some funny stuff – but i gotta give the winning entry to Andy Mitchell! the guy is totally on the hunt for something important before doing his business!

Where’s my copy of Bathroom Reader? This is gonna take a while.

Andy – one roll of Scott toilet paper is coming your way! 🙂





A Great Use Of Social Media

everyone in ministry wants to know how to maximize the power of social media to communicate life’s most important message. as i was going through my facebook feed i stumbled upon something our creative arts pastor put up. he’s using the power of facebook to plan out a super important sunday on 9/11 (just a few weeks away!).

i hope you can see it in the image below. in not even 24 hours he already has received over 15 responses. and still more coming in.

what are some other great ways you're using social media right now in your context? (so i can steal them, of course) :)

btw if you’re in the rochester area on 9/11, consider stopping by at our church’s services at 9 or 11! they’re going to be powerful and inspiring.

Lakeshore Sends A 3rd Team To Mozambique

it’s so exciting to know that right now as i type this there’s 7 adults from lakeshore being the arms and legs of Jesus over in mozambique.  they are serving with the great people over at CRI, and it’s exciting to hear their stories and know that God is doing some life-altering things in them right now! the last 2 summers shanna and i have been able to go, and it has totally changed our perspective on God, food, healthcare, orphans & widows, complaining, and simply living in suburban america in general.

here’s 3 big reasons i’m so excited:

1. this team is ALL adults! the connect with mozambique began in a search for the best possible location for our student mission trips, and it’s exciting to see the love for the people and church of mozambique embraced by our whole community.

2. the team has a great leader. dan has gone on the last 2 trips with us, and i don’t know anyone in our church with a bigger heart and passion for the work there than him. he’s amazed me with his leadership, courage, and perseverance over the last year leading up to this trip.

3. the team is interacting with our sponsored kids face to face. our student ministry supports three individual kids in the child sponsorship program right there in the very project we’re partnering with in dondo, mozambique. i love it that they get to return with pictures and stories and interactions with our very own kids.



Crazy Alone: Small Group Promo Slide

our church is about to start promoting our fall community groups, and i asked shanna to create a slide to catch the attention of our students. here’s what she came up with. she created a couple different versions, depending on your terminology. if it can be useful in your context in some way, grab it!

fonts used: "the beautiful one" via dafont.com and "american typewriter".

Adelina Laughs At Her Feet

been trying to get a good video of adelina laughing for awhile now. finally got this…  🙂