Are You Discouraged As Your Students Graduate?

it’s graduation season and for those of us in student ministy, it means popping from

party to party, trying not to get thrown in the pool, and politely staying away from the mayo-ridden salads that have been out in the sun too long (thanks Todd!).  it certainly is an exciting time as we watch our students enter a whole new stage in life, hoping that they’re ready. but the question we’re all silently asking is just that: “are they really ready?”  “did we do enough to come alongside their family to ensure they didn’t just graduate from their faith when they graduated last week?”

the hard thing is that many times, we as their shepherds have a gut feeling, if we’re honest, that they probably aren’t quite ready. that despite our best efforts and 7 years of our hearts, their faith just isn’t rooted deep enough… at least not as deep as we would have liked to see at this point.

and then the discouragement sets in. and we beat ourselves up. and we question our ministry paradigms. and we read books by disgruntled authors about the failure of modern youth ministry. and we question our calling.

if you’re there right now, i want you to be encouraged. yes… i want us to push ourselves and evaluate our ministries with our leadership teams and fill the holes. but do yourself a favor and recognize that in this season the enemy may simply want nothing more than to discourage us so that we go into september defeated and beat up.

if you have 5 minutes, can i encourage you to listen to this audio clip? it’s from dan webster’s leadership of the heart seminar. a few months ago i sensed our volunteer team feeling overly discouraged, and played this clip for them. it did my heart good to see the truth breathing new life into their souls, and it can do the same for you!



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