Problems Don’t Just Go Away

for the last 5 or 6 years, i’ve avoiding going to the dentist, like it were a chinese prison camp or something. it may have something to do with this horror movie i saw:

actually, for the record, i never did watch that film, but it had been a new year’s resolution to get caught up in the tooth department for a couple years running now. finally a few weeks ago i decided to man up and ‘get er done’, and a truth that applies to much of life and ministry was made abundantly clear to me as i sat in that chair:

problems don’t just go away on their own.

after the initial cleaning and doctor exam, i was given a somewhat hefty rap sheet of all that needs to happen, and i’ve wasted no time starting the process. just the other day i had 2 wisdom teeth yanked, and in a couple weeks will start the first filling of i think around 6 cavities.

no, problems don’t just go away.

  • loud exhaust systems on your car
  • a leaky faucet in your home
  • relationship issues within your family
  • poor budgeting & spending habits
  • team dysfunctions within an organization
  • gossip and venomous speech (more prevalent in churches than we’d like to admit)
  • a disgruntled parent or church member with influence
  • and the list goes on…
to fix the problem, it’ll take a radical resolve to get your hands dirty.
it’s not pleasant, and there’s usually a cost involved.
pain will be a part of it for sure.
but the payoff and health afterwards is worth it.  
what areas of your life and ministry do you need to deal with?
BTW, if you’re in the rochester area and looking for a dentist – mine actually is really great and i’m SUPER thankful for them! you can check them out right here: MODERN FAMILY DENTAL

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