Successful With Family > Successful In Ministry

i want to be successful in ministry. when i’m in the office, i try to work harder than anyone else (though at our church that’s hard to do). i believe in the mission of the Church and i love seeing Christ’s transformational work in real people so much so that i could easily live an unbalanced life and never come home. i’m still detoxing from the workaholic tendencies that so naturally come out of this drive. i want to be successful in ministry.

but lately i’m sensing an even deeper desire to be successful with my family. a sense in which my leadership at home is more important and holds more weight than my leadership at church. i remember sitting in a workshop at the simply youth ministry conference in march, led by Cathy Fields. you can actually purchase the mp3 here which would be well worth the $6. it was all on this value of being successful with your family, and i still remember Doug wrapping it up at the end by saying something along the lines of: “i really don’t care what you get out of this conference or what skills you obtain, if you’re not successful at home, you’re not successful anywhere else.”

this in no way lessens or cheapens our commitment to our jobs, but instead what it does is it elevates our commitment to our families. so…

  • when push comes to shove, family wins.
  • when a conflict occurs and you can’t be both places, family wins.
  • when it’s time for a day off even though there’s still more to do, family wins.

when it’s all said and done and you release your kids to adulthood, how do you know if you’ve been successful?  are there specific markers to look for? my hunch is it’s based less on the “final product” than we sometimes think, but i’m curious of your thoughts…


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